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Rise of the Guardians - Madness - Chapter 3
Jack Frost sailed across the sky, bringing winter to every continent he visited. While the snow he dusted on the equator never seemed to stick for long, it still satisfied him when the people looked up at the snow in awe. However, these days it wasn't as rare a sight for them. Humans, as always, adapted to their new environment.
It was ridiculous to see islanders in winter coats, and this sight soon became so amusing to Jack that he visited often. He liked freezing electricity lines, ruining merchandise, and canceling sporting events. He was having the time of his life, trying new forms of sabotage he hadn't often took part in before. Sometimes the humans below would love it. Sometimes they would curse the clouds above them. Humans, too, were indecisive.
After a while, Jack noticed a gradual change in the children. They seemed to mature faster than they ever had before, abandoning their juvenile tendencies at a younger age. Even so, that didn't stop them from doing the one thing Jack l
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Rise of the Guardians - Madness - Chapter 2
Jack raced over the trees, helped along by the wind. He could tell it was confused, but it didn't question his urgency. Jack smiled to himself. This was how true friendship should be. The wind respected his decisions as a fellow elemental, even if it didn't always agree. It supported him when something important cropped up, without prying for details. The only thing lacking in their relationship was their one-sided means of communication. They were never able to truly connect because of this.
Jack sadly looked up at the air as it rushed by him, then smirked when he noticed the disapproving moon beams. Why was it already giving off that vibe? It wasn't as if he'd taken action yet. In fact, Jack had no idea what he would actually do once he arrived at his destination. His emotions were in turmoil, and he felt that many of the things he'd once taken for granted were being put into question.
Perhaps his days of loneliness were at an end. Perhaps there was another being he could actually ta
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Rise of the Guardians - Madness - Chapter 1
“You don’t have to be alone, Jack. I believe in you, and I know children will, too.”
“In me..?”
Jack concentrated on his feet, his hands grasping his staff as he tried not to let Pitch’s oily words get to him. They were alluring, almost too good to be true, and yet they still felt completely plausible. A summer snow here, a blizzard there, and who knew what could happen? Such things had always felt forbidden to Jack, as if they would drive the world into chaos, but perhaps this was the answer he had been looking for all this time. It wasn’t as if the moon had helped him find that answer these past three hundred years.
“Yes! Look at what we can do.”
Pitch gestured toward the towering ice sculpture they had created in the chill of battle. Jack gazed upon its immense form, jagged and unwelcoming. The darkness was infused in the ice, twisting and snaking within as if it were an infestation.
“What goes together better than cold and
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Instrumental Creation :iconjormel:Jormel 29 7 Eryth Sea :iconjormel:Jormel 38 54
"Come on, Aominecchi. It would be fun."
"Who for? And I will not have you forcing me into a degrading position."
"You don't have to be! In fact, I could be in the front if you wanted! I just really want to try this out, okay? Ne~ Aominecchi~"
"Shut up. I'm trying to concentrate."
Midorima looked up at Kise and Aomine, the other two members who had arrived early. They were yet again in the middle of talking about something incomprehensible. The two had just started dating a few months ago, though their relationship hadn't seemed to change in the slightest.
At that moment, they were arguing over something, with Kise distracting Aomine from his shooting by pulling his puppy-dog-eyes act. Of course, the taller boy knew him well enough to ignore the facade, but Kise seemed persistant.
"Come on, it'll be fun! It's good for you to try something new. Ne~ Aominecchi~"
Midorima took a gulp of his water and looked down at the CD Kise had lent him earlier that day. Would his luck increase if he li
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Pane Dhiria :iconjormel:Jormel 1 0 Serperior Pokemon Plush :iconjormel:Jormel 4 4 Gardevoir Pokemon Plush :iconjormel:Jormel 19 16 Link Cross Stitch Pattern *colored version* :iconjormel:Jormel 85 30 Link Cross Stitch Pattern :iconjormel:Jormel 7 0
Legend of Zelda - Milk Bar
"Ha ha! My boy, you probably can't hold your own milk! That's why you're feeling so sick!"
Link smacked his son on the back, causing the poor teen to lurch forward and spill some of his overpriced beverage on the counter. Actually, what was making Chirin sick was the smell of the stuff they were drinking and the way his father was behaving. How could a perfectly innocent looking bottle of milk do so much to one's nervous system?
"You see, son? The kind you find at Malon's Ranch back in Hyrule is fine and dandy, but it doesn't hold a candle to Termina's famous Chateau Romani! I bet you can't find a single drink like it in the world!"
"I think I can believe that. You know what, Dad? You can have mine. It will just go to waste."
"Aw, are you kidding? The night's only beginning! Here, drink up, boy! Drink!"
Link shoved the glass to his son's face, laughing heartily as Chirin choked the liquid down. His face turned quite pale as he practically withered back into his seat. He didn't
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United States
It's about that time of year where I say I'm going to do all this stuff because, golly, I have all this free time. I should have more time to work on stuff, right? You're hilarious. This is the time of year where I run around preparing for college and play video games the other 70% of the time. Somewhere in there is sleep, but that's optional.

So what's the point of making a journal entry during the lazy season? Setting a goal.

That goal will probably not be reached.

Does that matter? Nope. At the very least, it gets me to start thinking about what sort of stuff I want to do when I get busy after school starts since, knowing me, I'll work on stuff when things are at their most stressful. And that suits me just fine. Onward to the goal~

I hope to get the background of my current project done before I'm on my merry way. In case you're interested, I'm looking at a Devil Survivor 2 painting in honor of the anime adaption and remake coming out. The fact that the anime adaption isn't doing the game justice is beside the point; I love seeing everyone moving onscreen. Best case scenario, this gets finished before the remake is localized, but I'm not holding my breath. It's going to be fairly involved, and it probably won't turn out that great anyway. I'll be glad to have the practice, though. And... It will probably take longer even than Xenoblade's Eryth Sea took me. This should be interesting.

Happy lazy season, everyone~
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"I am not interested in ordinary humans. If you are an alien, time traveler, ghost, dimentional slider, esper, or know of any of the above, please message me. That is all."

What about a disembodied chaotic entity of god-like power that spends most of his time brooding on world domination and human suffering while locked in a light-less, incorporeal plane, waiting for those in the corporeal world to slip up and accidentally set him free?

Also, hi. o/
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